Online Courses in Blackboard 9

CollegeDegrees360 CC_by_sa

CollegeDegrees360 CC_by_sa

These are degree-level and certificate classes that are offered entirely online or may have substantial online components. Online classes are in the Blackboard Learning Management System and offer the advantages of online discussions and electronically submitted assignments. An online course usually requires a textbook(s), has online readings or PDFs, provides learning activities, and includes audio, videos, graphics, animations, simulations, or tutorials depending on the content requirements and the learning expectations of the instructor. Each course has a Course Syllabus that is updated for each term delivery.

Online classes have a section number beginning with W, or you can use a schedule type of Web Based class when searching in PAWS.

*Note: Be sure your are logged OUT of Blackboard for successful viewing of the Blackboard OpenCourseware link below