What is a Video?

You are likely already familiar with video technology.  You may already enjoy making video recordings of personal events in your life.  For a digital analysis assignment using video, you would be analyzing the required information and producing your response as a short video.

Assignment Sample

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Best Practices

Here is a video playlist with information on video production best practices.  Students may want take some time to search online for best practices for video production too.

Learning Resources

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All University of Saskatchewan students and staff have access to the Lynda website which offers a wealth of tutorial videos on a variety of technology topics.  You can access the site at and use your nsid and password.  Search for tutorials on video production, lighting, audio, editing, etc.

YouTube also has numerous video tutorials available about video production.

Suggested Tools

  • Smart Phone
  • DSLR Camera
  • GoPro Camera

Suggested Video Editing Tools