Hybrid Teaching from Studio B

What is Unique About Studio B?

Broadcast Studio B is a room located in the basement of the Education Building (Education 12.1) that is specifically equipped for hybrid teaching. The room is managed by Media Production staff, who provide live technical support to instructors (i.e, assisting with various aspects of managing  streaming video, audio, and web conferencing activities), as well as post-production support (in the form of video editing for post-session student access). 

Available Equipment and Technical Supports

The following equipment is available in Studio B and supported by on-hand staff members:

    • Seating and tables for either 12 or 24 students (see layout options below)
    • Instructor podium, or lectern and table
    • SMARTboard (for writing notes and/or using Powerpoint)
    • Document camera (for displaying paper documents or other physical objects)
    • Multiple video cameras (providing streaming video of several angles of the classroom space)
    • Wireless microphone (for capturing instructor audio)
    • Wireless handheld microphone and 6 x wired overhead microphones (for capturing student audio)
    • Studio monitors (to display the Zoom Meeting, or project other digital materials and activities)
    • Professional lighting grid

The audio and video feeds are connected live to a synchronous Zoom Meeting, and are also recorded for later editing into high-quality video content.

Media Production staff work during the live sessions in a nearby control room, where they can switch video/feeds as needed, ensure all is functioning properly within the connected Zoom Meeting, and assist with any technical issues that may arise.

The professional quality of this approach not only enables a variety of teaching and learning activities, but also ensures that both the In-person Cohort of learners and the Synchronous Online Cohort of learners will have a high-quality, interactive, and social learning experience.

Room Layout and Images

Studio B measures 30’W X 50’L X 12’H, and studio walls can have either light blue or black curtains for background. 

There are two different room setups possible, depending on whether the room needs to enable space for 12 students or 24 students within the In-person Cohort of learners (remember that additional seats are allotted for the Synchronous Online Cohort of learners).

Expand the following sections for a schematic layout and some still images of each setup.

12 In-Person Students

12 In-Person Students

24 In-Person Students

24 In-Person Students

Get in Touch

The staff with Media Production are very technologically knowledgeable and flexible, and have worked in collaboration with the Distance Education Unit for many years to delivery a variety of high-quality distance learning experiences for students distributed all across the province. If you would like to learn more about how your course, program, or department might collaborate with Media Production and the DEU to design, develop, and deliver a high-quality hybrid learning experience, please contact media_production@usask.ca or deu.support@usask.ca.