Video Production

In working on the design and development of online and hybrid courses, DEU often relies upon our colleagues in Media Production to help faculty and instructors produce high-quality video materials that enhance the student learning experience and humanize their online teaching approach. The One Button Studio and Light Board, which can be accessed from Media Production’s professional studios (in the basement floor of the Education building), are excellent supported technologies that are available to USask faculty and instructors.

If you are interested in making an inquiry about the One Button Studio or Light Board, or to book some studio time to access these technologies, please message

One Button Studio

Media Production and ICT at USask have joined forces to develop the UCreate – One Button Studio, a tool to enhance and augment your ability to deliver interesting content simply and easily with professional, polished results. Equipped with professional video and audio recording equipment, the One Button Studio offers a variety of ways to present and record your materials with quality results.

See the following video for more information about the One Button Studio.

For an example of the type of video that can be created in the One Button Studio, see the following video by Dr. Colleen Dell (along with therapy dogs Ruby and E-Jay), created as an introduction to an online course for therapy dog handlers.

Light Board

A specialized piece of teaching equipment that is also located in the One Button Studio is the Light Board, made of a framed piece of glass illuminated with LED lights. When using a Light Board, you stand behind the glass, face the camera, and are recorded while using florescent whiteboard markers to write notes, draw diagrams, solve equations, and teach problem-solving concepts. The Light Board can be a great way to incorporate more body language into your online teaching, and let your learners connect the concepts and problem-solving strategies to the face, voice, and hands of a real person that they can reach out to for help.

See the following video for more information about the Light Board.

For an example of a chemistry lesson captured with a Light Board, see the following YouTube video from Sarah Goh of Williams College.

If you are interested in learning more about how best to teach with a Light Board and prepare for a recording session, the College of DuPage offers the following helpful tips: Lightboard, Camera, Action: Best Practices for Using the Lightboard