Copyright – Easing the Pain?

[social-bio] Canada’s new copyright bill has passed Parliament and Senate and there are several things instructors on our campus need to know.

1. What copyrighted electronic materials can I share with my students?

Answer: share links, but if you are copying or uploading articles for students to access, make sure copyright is cleared (I.e. open access materials, material for which you have publisher permission to reproduce, or material for which a license to copy is in place).

2. May I post a PDF article on my class Blackboard or Paws site?

Answer: NO, unless you have copyright clearance do so, or it is open access, creative commons, or created by you.

3. May I hand out printed copies of a copyrighted work in my class?

Answer: NO, unless you have copyright clearance do so, or it is open access, creative commons, or created by you.

4. Am I allowed to display copyrighted materials in class?

Answer: YES you can enable your students to view images or several other copyrighted works in your classroom by displaying them on a data projector.  The sources should be cited.  Video presentations from the open Web that you can access without a login or password (eg. YouTube, movie trailers or tv show clips) are ok to be shown.  Movies, sporting events, or TV shows that you record with your PVR or rent on a DVD cannot be re-transmitted in class without a performance licenses.

5. Does this mean I can include copyrighted material (images, tables, figures, etc.) in my PowerPoint slides?

Answer: Yes if it is for display purposes in your classroom and for subsequent posting of displayed materials on Paws or Blackboard.  Students need to be told not to re-distribute or reproduce the powerpoint slides other than for personal use in the class.  Such materials need to be taken down from Paws or Blackboard within 30 days after the class ends and students should be instructed to destroy any copies after that time as well.

6. What if I need to video-record or lecture-capture my classrooms presentations – do I need to to limit what is shown in my slides?

Answer: whatever you can show in class, you can also record in a UofS lecture-capture system for your students.  We view lecture capture as time-shifting the presentation of streamed classroom presentation for later viewing by registered students only.  It is not a copy that students or others can reproduce.

7. May I email a PDF file or other attachment containing a copyrighted document to my students, or my colleagues, or my research group?

Answer: NO, unless you have copyright clearance.

For more information about copyright at the U of S, please see the Copyright Management Website.

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