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    Happy Holidays

    [social-bio] Educatus will be taking the rest of December off, but will be returning the first week of January. From all of us at the GMCTE, have a very happy and healthy winter break.

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    What is Flipped Teaching?

    [social-bio] Flipped teaching is a new instructional method that has risen with the proliferation of high-speed Internet connections. Flipped teaching is the process of moving lecture content from face-to-face class time to before class by assigning it as homework. Often this involves students watching lecture videos prior to coming to class. Why would you want to do this? The reason to use flipped teaching is to be able to use interactive learning methods within face-to-face class time. Rather than spending an hour lecturing, you can spend the hour having students working on problems independently or in groups, working on or discussing cases, group discussion, receiving assistance from you…anything you want!…