How Do I Subscribe to This Blog, and Other Sites

There have been some recent inquiries about how to subscribe to this blog, which is great. We love to hear that readers are finding this site helpful.

This post will explain how to use RSS (Real Simple Syndication) to subscribe to Educatus and other sites.

What Is RSS and What’s It Good For?

RSS allows you to subscribe to any website that includes an RSS feed, which many do.

Think of a magazine subscription. If you subscribe, the magazine will come to your home, or if a digital edition, to you email inbox. If you don’t subscribe, you either need to go to a store or website to see if there’s a new issue.

You may already be subscribed to podcasts or YouTube channels. If you are, you know that can look in your podcast app or on YouTube to see if there are any notifications about updates or you can subscribe to the RSS feeds of those podcasts or channels. Whenever something new gets posted, you get notified!

How Do I Subscribe?

To subscribe to an RSS feed, you need to use an RSS reader. There are many out there. Some require installing an application while others are web-based. Feedly is a popular option that allows you to access your subscriptions either on the web or through an application. The basic version of Feedly is free and offers more than enough basic features for most users, and it’s very easy to add a new subscription.

To subscribe to the Educatus blog using Feedly:

    1. Create a Feedly account or login using an existing Google account
    2. Click the plus sign along the left side of the screen.
    3. Paste in the address of this blog (
    4. Select the correct source that comes up
    5. You are now subscribed to the Educatus blog.
    6. Check back in Feedly to see what’s new from your various subscriptions.

Feedly site with address bar to subscribe and choice of Educatus

You can do the same with any site that includes RSS including news sites, YouTube Channels, podcasts, and other blogs, which can be useful if you want students to blog as part of your courses. Instructors and students can request a blog through

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