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Canvas Online Attendance

Canvas has just released an online attendance dashboard for instructors who are teaching online and who want to define attendance around students’ interactions within Canvas.

You can access the online attendance dashboard through the New Analytics link either from the course navigation menu or through the course homepage. This dashboard gives instructors an at-a-glance view of which students are engaging with Canvas-based activities and on which days.


Instructors can use the Weekdays dropdown menu to select their class days, so they can easily see online attendance for these days



Instructors can filter the results to show students who have met (or not met) the attendance criteria, making it easier to identify students who may be lagging behind

Canvas uses the following criteria to determine online attendance:

  1. Course Access: Student views a page in a course
  2. Posts: Student posts a new comment to an announcement or a discussion
  3. Assignments: Student submits an assignment
  4. Collaborations: Student loads a collaboration to view/edit document
  5. Pages: Students creates a page
  6. Quizzes: Student starts taking a quiz or submits a quiz (based on classic quizzes only – new quiz support coming soon)


The Online Attendance Dashboard in Canvas

  1. Online attendance dashboard- gives instructors an at-a-glance view of student online attendance
  2. Online attendance criteria- can be accessed through the settings button in New Analytics


New Analytics (Online Attendance) – Video (4.42)

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