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Choosing a mix of F2F and remote online? Tips for smoother hybrid approaches

The University has announced a return to campus stating Feb. 7th.  With the exception of some specific programs designed to provide hybrid options, instructors are not expected to teach students face to face (F2F) and online at the same time in their F2F course(s). However, you may be trying to provide some extra options for your students in these complicated times, and if you are, here are some tips you may wish to use to help your students avoid pitfalls:

Help students hold the details:

Help all students have more access to class content:

Engage in more dynamic use of Zoom

  • Have a student follow the Zoom chat and raise questions to you so you don’t miss them
  • If you don’t have microphones for your classroom for in-person students, verbally repeat question from your F2F class so students in Zoom can hear them
  • Looking to have some students live and some F2F in Zoom and need more screens?  Log into the classroom computer and bring your own laptop, and join the Zoom session on both. Make sure you are a co-host on both zoom devices and keep the secondary device muted and microphone off.

Offer help for student who struggle

  • Scan for people you never see and use Canvas analytics to check who isn’t logging on. An email from a professor expressing concern and a desire to help is enough to motivate a third of students who are disengaged to re-engage
  • Set up both F2F and remote office hours

Transitions in teaching can be a lot to think about in any circumstance. A basic online presence is one way you can create a foundation for your course, regardless of the pandemic situation. Please reach out to GMCTL if you need any help thinking through your processes for teaching and learning in any context.

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