USask Releases New Syllabus Template and Guide

Before starting work on your syllabus for the Fall term, be sure to look through the new syllabus template and guide. While you’re departments, colleges, or schools may have their own syllabus template, the guide will provide you with a clear explanation of what is required to be in your syllabus under the Academic Courses Policy, as well as examples of language that may help convey the tone you want to set for the course.

In the following example showing the section of the guide on Participation, you can see

  • That Participation is a required section in your syllabus under the Academic Courses Policy
  • Two examples of language you might use for this
  • A brief explanation for why this section is included

Participation Section of Syllabus Guide

The example below is from the Course Overview section of the guide. From this you can see that this section in your syllabus is:

  • Suggested, but not required to be in your syllabus
  • Includes an example of an instructor providing an overview of the course and an introduction to themself in the context of the course
  • An explanation of why to include this section and of the type of language used,

Course Overview Section of Syllabus GuideIf you have any questions about the template or guide, please contact us at the GMCTL for assistance.

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