Assessment and Evaluation,  Generative AI

Getting AI to make questions for you

You know you should make your class active.

Asking students regular, low stakes questions about the key concepts, skills, and process you are teaching is essential. In a  50 minute lesson, it is great to do that 5 times.  You shouldn’t grade any of the questions, and you should asks students to talk with with each other about each one.  Even when you know it is important, it can be hard to do.

Who actually has time?

We wind up avoiding doing making active components because we are already spending so much time making slides of our content and creating assessment we then spend even more time marking. The good news is there is now a process where you can get an a generative AI  to do that for you for free, and do it quickly.  It’s called prompting.

Tell generative AI to do it for you.

At the time of the writing of this blog post, we’d recommend using Bing in creative mode (keep in mind you need to keep your privacy setting typical) to make the questions for you. Using Bing in creative mode will allow you to use a combination of ChatGPT 4 and modern internet access. Here is simple higher education example from faculty experts in generative AI for education with a step by step example of using Bing to create formative (assessment for learning) questions for you.

AI can do much more than just practice questions. You can use AI to make case studies, create good examples, build effective rubrics and create sample student work for your students to assess. You can prompt it to write like you, and tell it what to focus the most. Remember you need to use the prompting process to customize it to your needs. 

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