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Looks Far Woman

Looks Far Woman

Looks Far Woman is the guardian of the fourth moon cycle. Among other things, Looks Far Woman is also a visionary. She teaches humanity the ability to see the truth from multi-dimensions. She warns us of the power of fear, and the potential it has on limiting the possibilities of growth. Removing fear allows for us to see beyond its barriers, and it is within these peripheries that we might see the potential for growth. (Sams, 1993)

The University of Saskatchewan has received the gift of potential growth from Indigenous perspectives and worldviews. The ohpahotân | oohpaahotaan – let’s fly up together – Indigenous Strategy for the University of Saskatchewan, is a guiding document developed in collaboration with Elders, traditional knowledge keepers, and language teachers. This strategy creates opportunity to envision a place for learning, fostering meaningful relationships and embarking on the first steps to reconciliation. Sams explains that Looks Far Woman is about honoring truths, and that each person has the right to knowing truth and the right to have voice to these truths. The ohpahotân | oohpaahotaan Indigenous Strategy for the University of Saskatchewan is a commendable start to this journey.  Although the path ahead will have its challenges, the University of Saskatchewan has made the commitment to reconciliation, Indigenization, and decolonization.

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