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    Formative Assessment: A comparison of two online quizzes 

    This post aims to compare the design of two online quizzes to determine how each design impacts student learning.   Formative assessment is a process used to:  Identify what students already know and where they need more support to reach the desired learning outcomes. Provide feedback that the student can use to increase learning before a final assessment. For example, using feedback from a draft assignment that can be used to increase understanding for future revisions. Evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction during the learning process so the teacher can adjust instruction to meet students’ needs.   “You almost want kids to make mistakes on formative assessments because that’s how you figure out…

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    Exploring the Many Ways of Using Canvas Classic Quizzes

    Quizzes are an extremely flexible tool that can be used to support many stages of learning. For example, quizzes can be used to pre-assess (prior to learning), provide practice and feedback (during learning), or as post-assessment (after learning). Experimenting with these various methods can assist you in finding ways of making your course more supportive of our USask Learning Technology Ecosystem Principles (e.g., “Designed for Reflection and Growth”). Here are some approaches to using quizzes that you may want to consider: Using the same quiz at a different stage in learning Using a quiz prior to learning and after learning can help make learning visible to students. Allow multiple attempts…

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    Students Finished Writing my Canvas Classic Quiz: Now What?

    Once your quiz or test availability period ends, there are a number of tasks that you might want to complete, such as reviewing how the entire class performed, reviewing an individual student’s quiz, and manually grade questions. This post and video will outline these different tasks and how you can accomplish them when using Canvas Classic Quizzes. Reviewing the class’s responses As an instructor, one reason to use quizzes is in order to identify areas where students are doing well and where they need further support. The most efficient way to view question-by-question results in Canvas is to navigate to the quiz via Assignments or Quizzes. Click on the quiz…