Week 1: Principles and Jargon in Graphic Design


This week we’ll be introducing you to the principles of graphic design. Starting with the basic design elements that make up any graphic communication we’ll discuss how these elements can be manipulated to describe different messages. We’ll also get some technical jargon out of the way so that we know what we’re talking about when we get into the introduction of the Adobe Illustrator interface.


By the end of the first week you should be able to:

  1. Recall the main Principles of Graphic Design
  2. Recall the main Elements of Graphic Design
  3. Differentiate between a Vector graphic and a Pixel-based (bitmap) graphic
  4. Contrast the characteristics of print design vs. screen design
  5. Select the appropriate file format for various deliverables
  6. Briefly summarize the history of typography as it relates graphic design
  7. Identify Serif vs. Sans-Serif Fonts
  8. Select an appropriate typeface for various projects
  9. Identify the major components of the Adobe Illustrator Interface


  • Discussion: Graphic Design Principles
  • Vector Graphics
  • Page vs. Screen
  • File Formats
  • Typography
  • Adobe Illustrator Interface

Lecture Notes


In-Class Activity

Let’s try out the Pen Tool using an Adobe Illustrator game. Follow the link and begin the tutorial


What’s Next?

You’ll need to work through the lynda.usask.ca Illustrator CC Essential Training (2015) with Justin Seeley videos by the start of next weeks class.

Please watch:

(Approximate viewing time 4.5hrs)