Please be aware of the below fraudulant email which is being sent to users acros the U of S Campus. Do not reply to this email, do not provide any information. IT Support will NEVER ask for your username and password – never provide it to anyone under any circumstances.

****** Internet Solutions– Information Technology Unit******
Attn !!!
This notice is to alert all webmail users that there has been a
recent flaw in our mail server. Due to this downtime most email relays will be
delayed. Some accounts will be unable to receive mails.
Our technicians have fixed this problem but in order to migrate to the new
server manual update is required from you as the email owner.
In order to ensure you do not experience service interruptions/possible
deactivation Please you must reply to this email immediately confirming your
email account details below for confirmation/identification.
1. First Name & Last Name:
2. Full Login Email Address:
3. Username:
4 Password:
5. Retype Password:
Thanks for your understanding. Please remember that in a few days the old
server will shutdown. Any email account that has not been updated will become