Updated strategic plan will guide our work

As you will recall, we launched a high level strategic plan document in early 2017, documenting our new vision, mission and priority areas. In more recent months, priority area leaders and their teams have been working to fill in the details of the plan, defining more specific objectives and targets to guide our work to 2022. As the university has developed its 2018-2025 plan, we have also worked to ensure alignment of our plan with the broader university’s commitments, goals and aspirations.

We now have that more comprehensive plan document to share with you. Our previous priority areas are now expressed as strategic directions in this larger plan. I want to quickly outline four key areas of focus for our success with this plan that are top of mind for me, and that we all should be thinking about in our work across all our strategic directions:

  • Indigenous health is critically important for our college, our healthcare system and university, and our whole province, and we must all work to ensure equity in education and care.
  • While we are doing some great work in research, we know from the results and metrics of other medical schools in Canada that we must do better, moving our college to its rightful place as a research powerhouse for our university and province.
  • We must do further work to support our learners and their wellness.
  • We have important work to do to improve the workplace satisfaction and engagement of our faculty and staff.

Our new, more fully fleshed out 2017-2022 College of Medicine Strategic Plan document is available on our newly updated strategic plan webpage. The page includes a strategic plan message from me that I hope you will take a few minutes to read. Our plan will evolve, of course, as our world and indeed as we evolve, so we must view it as a living document that will need refinement along the way to 2022. We will use this plan to guide our work and to measure our progress, maintaining focus and consistency to the extent possible, while responding with resilience to changes internally and in the world around us.

Please take some time to visit this webpage and read the plan document provided there. As always, I welcome your feedback.