Have a safe and peaceful holiday season

I would dearly have liked to be writing a different holiday message from the one I shared last year. But as you know, circumstances continue to be quite similar to that time, with a few important exceptions. Most of us are at least double vaccinated and some triple vaccinated, now, and we have also gotten much better at following our other important pandemic safety measures.

With the Omicron variant spreading in alarming fashion in the world, we do need to continue to be cautious. Physical distancing, wearing masks, keeping our bubbles small along with making use of rapid testing are all in our tool kit and we are certainly becoming experienced users of all of them! So my first and foremost message to you is to continue to be diligent about pandemic safety measures.

If we each make this important commitment, we will also help alleviate the heavy burden being borne by our healthcare workers. And that’s who my second message is for: to our learners, faculty, staff and all on the front lines of care: we are thinking of you, our college supports you, and across research, teaching and clinical settings we continue our important work to alleviate and solve the challenges of this pandemic.

I thank the entire College of Medicine team—all our learners, staff and faculty—for all your efforts of the past year at a time when I know you were managing change and uncertainty both in your work and personal lives. Together, we have ensured that the CoM has moved forward on delivering education and training, an impressive range of discovery through research, and on prioritizing equity and diversity. I thank you for supporting one another through this and staying committed to our medical school vision and mission.

I wish you and yours a safe and peaceful holiday season, and that all find time to rest and step away from the concerns of the world.

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  1. Best wishes Dean Smith, to you and your family for a safe and happy holiday season.

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