Dr. Alex Wilson is Neyonawak Inniniwak from the Opaskwayak Cree Nation. She is a professor with the Department of Educational Foundations and the Academic Director of the Aboriginal Education Research Centre at the University of Saskatchewan. She completed her BA (Psychology) from California State University, Sacramento in 1994; her EdM (Human Development and Psychology: Psycho-social and Cultural Development) from Harvard University in 1995; and an EdD (Human Development and Psychology) from Harvard University in 2007.

Dr. Wilson’s scholarship has greatly contributed to building and sharing knowledge about two spirit identity, history and teachings, Indigenous research methodologies, and the prevention of violence in the lives of Indigenous peoples. Her current projects include two spirit and Indigenous Feminisms research: Two-Spirit identity development and “Coming In” theory that impact pedagogy and educational policy; studies on two spirit people and homelessness; and an International study on Indigenous land-based education.

Dr. Wilson is one of many organizers with the Idle No More movement, integrating radical education movement work with grassroots interventions that prevent the destruction of land and water. She is particularly focused on educating about and protecting the Saskatchewan River Delta and supporting community based food sovereignty efforts. Having co-developed a Masters program in Land-Based Education at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Wilson is now in the process of creating an international Indigenous Land –based PhD program.

Dr. Wilson is a recipient of the University of Saskatchewan Provost’s Award in Aboriginal Education for connecting research to pedagogy and practice and the Avenue Community Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity’s 2014 Affinity community service award; the 2015 Provost’s Award for Community Outreach and Engagement;  2016 Nellie Award; and, the 2016 Peter Corren Award. She was recently recognized by the Legislature of Manitoba for her extensive ongoing work with Indigenous communities revitalizing Cree culture through land based education.

U of S Courses taught

  • EFDT101 Introduction to Education
  • EFDT301 Introducation to Anti-Oppressive Education
  • EFDT335 First Nations and Cross-cultural Education
  • EFDT486 Queering Our Classrooms and Communities
  • EADMIN819 Leadership in First Nations Education
  • EFDT845 Indigenous Knowledge: Land-based Education
  • EIND 855 Cross-cultural Research Methodologies
  • EFDT 870 Interdisciplinary Seminar: Indigenous Land-Based Education
  • ERES 810UO1 Indigenous Research Methodologies
  • EFDT 854U02 International Study Tour: Hawaii-Indigenous Language Revitalization
  • Efdt898: Queering Land-based Education