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Diigo for Portable Bookmarks and Sharing Resources

[social-bio] For many years I did what most people do when I wanted to bookmark something online – I would save it in whatever browser that I was using and if I was away from my home computer I would email the link to myself. If I wanted to share the link with others I would email it to them.

This worked fine for awhile, but then I started working on multiple browsers and on multiple computers and I would become frustrated when I realized that the link I needed was stuck in the bookmarks on a different computer. Does this sound familiar?

Today, I never worry about such things because I use Diigo, a “social bookmarking” tool that allows me to access my bookmarks from whatever browser I’m in or whatever computer I’m on, including portable devices.

Not only can I access my bookmarks, but if I choose I can share some or all of them with others. Diigo allows for individual bookmarks to be either public or private. You can tag them for a particular topic or course to make it easier for others and you to find.

You can also create Diigo groups where multiple people (that you invite or approve) can contribute to a library of resources. The GMCTE has such at group where, to date, we’ve added more than 125 resources that we think you might find useful (from assessment to undergraduate research). Consider creating one for your class (for students to easily share online resources with each other) or your department (to easily share with your colleagues).

In addition, Diigo allows you to annotate Web pages with highlighting or sticky notes that you can access from whatever computer you log into your Diigo account.

For more on Diigo, here’s a short video highlighting its features.

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  • Helmut

    Hi Heather,
    I second that about Diigo. It is a fantastic tool to gather and share bookmarks. I find it even more exciting as a research tool. I take part in a lot of forum discussions. Some of them might go over weeks or even months. Some are even open ended and might go over 50 pages. To keep track and share important passages, I just highlight them using Diigo which puts them into the library. This makes sharing to groups and even creating and sharing digests really easy. Diigo has a report function for that. I have posted an article on this:
    Of course,. we could always copy and paste info into a tool like OneNote or Evernote. But. I have found it much easier to keep track using Diigo.
    Have a wonderful day.