Dean Stoicheff Speaks on the Value of an Arts and Science Degree

[social_share/] [social-bio] The College of Arts and Science at the University of Saskatchewan is unique in Canada, bringing under a single college governance structure, 21 disciplinary departments ranging from fine arts and humanities to social and natural sciences.  The extreme diversity in disciplinary areas, along with the rich potential for interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary programs within the College offersunique opportunities for students.

At our recent campus-wide Celebration of Teaching and Learning, Peter Stoicheff, Dean of the College of Arts and Science was invited to speak about the curriculum renewal process in the College.  The video clips below include his full 20-minute presentation as well as a shorter 6 minute excerpt.  Peter speaks to the value of an Arts and Science degree and references Chris Hedges’ Pulitzer prize-winning book, “The Empire of Illusion: the end of literacy and the triumph of spectacle”. Peter also offers as own vision and the College’s vision for interdisciplinary, theme-based programming that can offer a broader perspective and deeper insights for students about the world’s big issues and challenges. His are intriguing ideas worth exploring… “watch the movie!”

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