GMCTE to Launch First Open Online Course From USask

[social_share/] [social-bio] On January 21, 2014, the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness (GMCTE) will launch the first open online course (OOC) from the University of Saskatchewan, Introduction to Learning Technologies. This course, aimed at novices, will invite participants to explore pedagogically informed use of blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking and a host of other tools, in addition to considering the implications of copyright and Creative Commons, digital citizenship and digital literacy for their teaching practice.

The course was initially designed to be a blended course with a small group of participants coming in for face-to-face class meetings five times throughout the term, but with the bulk of the materials being open to anyone who wished to access them. Jim Greer, Nancy Turner and I decided to stick with that small cohort who will receive hands-on help throughout the course, but to simultaneously run it as an OOC.

All videos included in the course are on YouTube, all readings are from freely available online sources, and the course itself carries a Creative Commons license.

All 15 spots available for the on-campus cohort are already filled, but registration for the OOC is unlimited. A registration link is on the home page of the course.

The GMCTE is excited to be starting 2014 off by continuing to offer informative, engaging programs including Introduction to Learning Technologies. We hope that you will join us. For more information about this course specifically, please see the video below or feel free to browse through the course itself. For more on our other offerings, please see the GMCTE Website.

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