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Students Finished Writing my Canvas Classic Quiz: Now What?

Once your quiz or test availability period ends, there are a number of tasks that you might want to complete, such as reviewing how the entire class performed, reviewing an individual student’s quiz, and manually grade questions. This post and video will outline these different tasks and how you can accomplish them when using Canvas Classic Quizzes." height="405" width="720" style="border: 1px solid #464646;" allowfullscreen allow="autoplay"

Reviewing the class’s responses

  • As an instructor, one reason to use quizzes is in order to identify areas where students are doing well and where they need further support. The most efficient way to view question-by-question results in Canvas is to navigate to the quiz via Assignments or Quizzes. Click on the quiz and then choose Quiz Statistics in the upper right
    • You can either view the details on this page or download a report

Reviewing an individual student’s quiz

  • You may want to review a certain student’s quiz or even have a meeting with them to go over their responses. You do this by navigating to the quiz and choosing SpeedGrader

Fixing an error in the answer key

  • When reviewing the student results you may realize that there was an error in the answer key for one or more of the questions. If the error was in a multiple choice, true/false, or multiple answers question, this is an easy fix
  • To apply this easy fix, edit the quiz and navigate to the Questions tab. When you find the question with the error, you simply edit the correct answer and Canvas will pop up some regrade options
    • For more details, visit this Canvas Guide
    • Do not use the “+New Question Group” and “Link to a Question Bank” option if you want the ability to automatically regrade
  • If the question isn’t one of these three types (Multiple Choice, True/False, or Multiple Answers), you will have to manually regrade the question in SpeedGrader

Manually grading quiz responses

  • If you have quiz questions that can’t be graded automatically. You complete this grading within SpeedGrader.
  • If you have not used question randomization, you can even turn on Grade-by-question in to allow you to grade each question for all students to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • If you used the File Upload quiz question type, you will need to download the file to review outside of Canvas. Currently, SpeedGrader does not support viewing these submissions within the browser
    • If you want to be able to grade the file submissions inside of Canvas’s SpeedGrader, you will create an Assignment with the File Upload Submission Type instead of a quiz

Showing students the correct answers and built-in feedback

  • You may want students to be able to see the correct answers at some point. This is a quiz setting that you can turn on and off at any point. Access this setting within the Edit menu for the quiz. This setting can be changed at any time
  • If you have built automated feedback into the questions, this correct answers toggle will also make the feedback visible

Reviewing which students have completed the quiz and messaging those that haven’t

  • You may want to send a reminder to those that haven’t completed the quiz. There is a quick way to do this in Canvas. You navigate to the Quiz and click on the three dots beside next to Edit (in the upper right of the page). Choose “Message Students Who…”

For help with these options and settings, please access Canvas Help within the global navigation menu on the left-hand side of Canvas. If you are experiencing technical issues, the first line of support is Canvas Help and then