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    Student Voice and Choice: Co-Creating Choice Boards 

    By Racquel Biem, Educational Development Specialist, Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning Co-creating a list of potential assessments with students is a great opportunity to increase student voice and choice. Students who choose assessments that are personally relevant are more likely to be motivated, engaged, and take ownership of their learning. Giving students a choice and voice in assessments allows them to demonstrate their understanding of the material in ways that are meaningful to them.  Choice Boards  A choice board is a is a grid or chart that provides students with a set of options to meet learning outcomes.   Choice boards can be used in many ways, depending on the…

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    Assessing student participation and attendance

    While everyone agrees a grade is designed to represent what a student has learned, some educators also think grade should be used to motivate students. When our students seemed less inclined to attend or participate during and after the pandemic, we turned to something the grading literature does not support – giving a grade for being in class. Here’s a quick summary of what the research says on the subject of grades for participating (like the 1 mark quiz) or attending: You might think  What research says What experts recommend Giving a small grade for attendance motivates students to come to class You should include academic achievements, not behavior, in…

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    An Outcomes-Based Practice Continuum

    Previous Educatus blog posts have discussed outcomes-based assessment and grading outcomes versus grading assignments. This post will discuss a continuum of outcomes-based practices including referencing outcomes, assessing outcomes, and reporting student achievement on outcomes.  Referencing Outcomes  Referencing outcomes is a beginning outcomes-based practice. Outcomes are referenced within each assignment, often with the instruction section. Here, the instructor has created the assignment with the outcomes in mind and makes this visible. However, outcomes are not assessed separately, and assignments are given a ‘blanket score’ for multiple learning outcomes. Gradebook reporting is done by assignment. Assessing Outcomes within Assignments  The next stage occurs when the outcomes within assignments are assessed. This stage provides valuable…