Identity Theft

In 2007 there were 3 Identity Thefts reported to Campus Safety, in 2008 there has already been 73 reported cases…
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Identity theft is probably one of the most frightening and least understood problems for many people today
Identity theft occurs when someone appropriates your personal information without your knowledge to commit fraud or theft.
In a typical identity theft, someone gets your name, address, social insurance number and credit card or other information, and uses them to run up debts, pretending they’re actually you. In other cases, soemone may send e-mail in your name, sign a web site visitor book, or sign you up for (or remove your name from) some service.
In the case where debt is made in your name, companies who made the loans often assume that you are the one who actually incurred the debt, and are trying to avoid payment. They can be very aggressive in their collection tactics. In other cases, there can be serious professional or social embarresment or even threats of civil litigation.
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