Email Fraud: IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! ICT Help Desk

Please be aware of the following (and similar) email frauds on the Internet claiming to be from official sources at the university.
Although this email may look official, the real ICT Help Desk (or any other computer resource on campus) will never ask for your username or password; and you should always be suspect of any link provided in an email. If you receive this email or one similar, please delete it immediately.
If you still have concerns over your account after deleting the email, contact the ICT Help Desk at 966-4717.
Begin Fraudulent Email:
Your U of S Email account has been reported for numerous spams
Activities from a foreign ip recently. As a result you may not be
able to receive or send new mail. However, you might not be the one
promoting this Spam, as your e-mail account might have been
compromised. To protect your account from sending spam mails, You are
to confirm your true ownership of this account, Kindly CLICK HERE
fill the form and login again.
Failure to do this will violate the ICT Policies.This will render
your account inactive. NOTE!!: You will be sent a password reset
message in next seven (7) working days after undergoing this process
for Security reasons. The office of Information Security will keep
this updated if information should change, but we encourage all users
to run their updates after the expected release of this patch.
Authorised by: Dr. Rick Bunt, Chief Information Officer and Associate
Vice President Information and Communications Technology.
ICT Help Desk,
Room 70 Arts Building, 9 Campus Drive
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon SK S7N 5A5
Phone: 306-966-4817
1-800-966-4817 (Toll Free in Canada)
Fax: 306-966-6899