Help Prevent Door Dings

Traffic is busy all over the city, including in parking lots on campus. Many collisions occur in parking lots and none are more frustrating than the “door ding.” After a long day at work, it’s aggravating to return a vehicle to find it damaged.
Campus Safety is asking members of the campus community to please respect the property of others and park carefully to avoid car door impacts. Door dings can be costly and lead to countless insurance claims, which impact rates for everyone. If accidental damage does occur, Campus Safety reminds drivers they are required to provide information to the owner of the damaged vehicle the same as is required in a motor vehicle collision. A note under the windshield wiper with a contact name and phone number along with the vehicle make and licence plate number is recommended. Campus Safety can also be contacted, at 306-966-5555, to assist in contacting the owner of the other vehicle.