A final message

With my last blog as dean, I want to share a few brief thoughts with this whole, amazing CoM team.

The first is about maintaining momentum. This, while onboarding a new dean in the near future through a great deal of change that cannot pause—change that includes the launch of the new physician assistant program and the potential launch of new programs in occupational therapy and speech language pathology, as well as continued program expansion plans in residency training programs, growth in the MD program, and in distributed medical education. Growth in research has been supported by successful recruitment of new scientists. This is a highly significant and exciting time for the college, and all of you are needed to keep all our important work progressing well. The trajectory the CoM is on is exhilarating!

The second is offering kudos to everyone for all that this great CoM team has accomplished over the past decade. Most recently, the PGME full accreditation visit—a huge coordination effort with multiple reviewers at multiple sites around the province—was completed and that is something to celebrate. There is, as always, improvements and more to do going forward, but it is great to be on the other side now of such a big lift: making that visit happen. I won’t list all our other achievements here, many of which have been acknowledged previously in this blog.

Third, just a really big thank you from me for your efforts, support, camaraderie and partnership. As I mentioned in my last blog, while I am truly excited to take on this challenge at the new UPEI medical school, Jane, Marie and I are also unquestionably sad to be leaving such wonderful friends and colleagues here in Saskatchewan.

However, I know you are in good hands with Marilyn Baetz stepping into the interim dean role next month, and I know she will play a big part in keeping the CoM momentum going, alongside a great team of dedicated professionals. I do want to encourage you to engage in the new dean search process underway now, and to support Marilyn and the new dean the same way you have supported me.

Finally, I wish you and your loved ones the very best this holiday season.

3 thoughts on “A final message

  1. I would like to wish you and your family the very best in your new roll and new home. Please tell Jane and Murphy that I will miss their visits and hope they will be able to continue what they have built here.


  2. I want to thank you for your ongoing communication and contributions to our Saskatchewan University community and wish you and your family the very best experience in PEI. I too will miss seeing Murphy in the halls of RUH.

  3. I have enjoyed your blogs and continued support of the CoM students in Regina. Wishing you and your family health and happiness in PEI.

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