Dr. Helen Baulch is an Associate Professor at the University of Saskatchewan.  Her work focuses on nutrients, nutrient runoff, and the impacts of nutrients on aquatic ecosystems.  Her home base is Saskatoon, where she has lived since 2011, and her field sites are largely in south-central Saskatchewan with activity in other parts of the prairies and Canada.

Dr. Jian Liu is a Research Scientist at the University of Saskatchewan. He is a soil scientist with research focused on soil nutrient and water quality management. His research has involved different spatial and temporal scales to understand nutrient behaviours in the soils, transport and impacts on water quality and crop production, and develop agronomically and environmentally beneficial management practices.

Joey Besl is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan School of Environment and Sustainability (Masters of Water Security) and a journalist by training.  Joey helped with the initial setup of this website.

Lukas Smith is a graduate of the Department of Soil Science at the University of Saskatchewan.  Lukas has helped advance our communications work, including the website and organizing a phosphorus workshop.