Reading List

There are some interesting things about the prairies that affect how nutrients are transported and affect our management recommendations.  We have put together a shortlist of readings that we think are helpful for understanding the prairie environment and nutrient management.  If you’re interested in our ‘long list’ please feel free to reach out.

Agronomy-focused literature:

  1. Doyle, P.J., and L.E. Cowell. 1993. Phosphorus. In Rennie, D.A., C.A. Campbell, and T.L. Roberts (Eds.). Impact of macronutrients on crop responses and environmental sustainability on the Canadian Prairies. Pp 110-170.,crop%20productivity%20and%20environmental%20sustainability.
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  3. Grant, C.A., and D.N. Flaten. 2019. 4R Management of Phosphorus Fertilizer in the Northern Great Plains: A Review of the Scientific Literature.

Water quality-focused literature:

Understanding runoff in our systems:

  1. Liu J., J.A. Elliott, H.F. Wilson, M.L. Macrae, H.M. Baulch, and D.A. Lobb. 2021. Phosphorus runoff from Canadian agricultural land: A cross-region synthesis of edge-of-field results. Agricultural Water Management 255:107030. (with additional information presented at
  2. Liu J., H.M. Baulch, M.L. Macrae, H.F. Wilson, J.A. Elliott, L. Bergström, A.J. Glenn, and P.A. Vadas. 2019. Agricultural water quality in cold climates: Processes, drivers, management options, and research needs. Journal of Environmental Quality 48:792–802.
  3. Wilson, H., J. Elliott, M. Macrae, and A. Glenn. 2019. Near-surface soils as a source of phosphorus in snowmelt runoff from cropland. J. Environ. Qual. 48:921–930.

Management challenges and opportunities:

  1. Baulch, H.M., J.A. Elliott, M.R.C. Cordeiro, D.N. Flaten, D.A. Lobb, and H.F. Wilson. 2019. Soil and water management practices: Opportunities to mitigate nutrient losses to surface waters in the northern Great Plains. Environ. Rev. 27:447–477.
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