Students win awards at CGU

Geography students did remarkably well in winning student awards at this year’s Canadian Geophysical Union annual meeting (May 14-17, 2006).

There were 95 student papers given at the CGU and 3 awards that hydrology students were eligible for, of these:
D.M. Gray Award for Best Student Paper in Hydrology – Chad Ellis
Runner up – Pablo Dornes
Campbell Scientific Award for Best Student Poster Paper in Hydrology – Faran Ali
Shell Canada Award for Best Student Poster Paper at CGU
Runners Up – Gro Lilbaek and Warren Helgason
This is remarkable for one university let alone one department. The D.M. Gray
and Campbell awards were based on presentation as well as a written
submission. The Shell Canada award was not formally available to hydrology
but the posters were so strong that these two hydrology posters were given
runners up status.
Congratulations to these students for their hard work, good results and