Cold Matters – IP3 / WC2N Book Published

The IP3 and WC2N research networks are now ended, but Robert Sandford has written an engaging popular science book on the findings of the networks and related research, Cold Matters: the State and Fate of Canada’s Freshwater (publication details).
The book describes the research, researchers and results in these studies of cold regions hydrology, glaciology, meteorology and climatology in western and northern Canada.
CH Director Prof. John Pomeroy remarks “I was very impressed by how Bob related abstract scientific concepts (such as model parameterisation) into approachable descriptions that the non-scientist can enjoy. The book reviews the development of the models we use and why they were developed, the principles that govern hydrology and glaciology in Canada, the rapid changes to rivers, snow, glaciers and permafrost that have been observed and the implications of our results for the future of western and northern Canada. He encourages the reader to see the importance of research on these topics and their application in water management. The book is not only informative, but enjoyable to read and I highly recommend it not only to scientists in the field but a way to teach this information to non-physical science students and to inform the general public.”