CH Provides Insights on Flood-Risk to Media

Members past and present of the Centre for Hydrology have again been asked by various branches of the media to provide insights relating to snowmelt and the potential for flooding in Saskatchewan.
CH Director Prof. John Pomeroy and alumna Nathalie Brunet both contributed to a piece broadcast by the French language service of Radio Canada, which focused on the challenges of predicting flood risk in the Province, and the potential for automating forecasting methods. The clip is available here.
Dr Cherie Westbrook was asked by Global TV about the likelihood of imminent flooding in and around Saskatoon: the interview is available online here.
Prof. Pomeroy also provided an overview of the role of albedo in governing the timing and rate of snowmelt for The Afternoon Edition on Radio Canada: the interview is posted here and here.
The same theme was covered in an agricultural context by The Western Producer: the article is available here.