CH members in demand by media for views on Canmore and Alberta Floods

Staff and students from the U. of S. Centre for Hydrology and Global Institute for Water Security, both based at and visiting the Coldwater Lab. in the Kananaskis Valley, experienced the extreme flooding event in the area over the week of 17-23 June: a gallery of their pictures is available from the CH website, here.
CH Director Prof. John Pomeroy – who found himself hosting a housefull of evacuees and stranded travellers at his home in Canmore – has been in great demand from the media for his views on the event;
Calgary Herald, 20 August:
Long-term solutions sought to prevent Canmore flooding
Calgary Herald, 30 July:
Experts say all flooded homes should be included in recovery plans
Calgary Herald, 20 July:
Wildrose Rains Criticism on Tories over Flooding
Calgary Herald, 17 July:
Study warned three years ago of more intense flooding due to climate change
The Gazette, Colorado Springs. 12 July:
Colorado fires and Canadian flooding–connected?
Calgary Herald, 12 July:
City of Calgary engineers seeking advice on permanent flood-control measures
CBC TV, 11 July:
The National
CBC Web, 11 July:
Devastating floods change Alberta’s landscape forever
CBC Radio 1, 11 July:
The World at Six
CTV Saskatoon, 5 July:
Accuracy of flood forecast called into question
Edmonton Journal, 4 July:
Albertans have become naturals at dealing with disasters
Calgary Herald, 2 July:
Recovering Canmore to consider ways to repair Cougar Creek
Calgary Herald, 29 June:
Rare ‘rain-on-snow’ event contributed to Canmore deluge
Editorial: Manitoba-style floodway not for Calgary
Calgary Herald, 28 June:
Alberta must do a ‘much better job of forecasting’ after failing to sound flood alarm early
CBC Radio, 27 June:
The Current: AB Floods: Are we ready for the next one?
Rocky Mountain Outlook, 27 June
Colorado fires brought Bow Valley rain
News Talk 650 Radio, 27 June:
Rockies, flood plains will need to be re-mapped
Calgary Herald, 26 June:
Province was ‘ill-prepared’ for flood, water experts say
The Tyee, 26 June:
Authorities ‘Caught Flatfooted’ on Alberta Flood Disaster: Expert
660 Radio, 25 June:
Calls for flood defences in Southern Alberta to be bolstered
CBC Manitoba, 25 June:
Alberta floodwaters head to Manitoba
CBC Radio, 25 June:
As It Happens
Global TV News, 24 June:
Alberta government failed to act on flood prevention report
Calgary Herald, 24 June:
Flooding has changed the Rockies forever, says scientist
Saskatoon Star Phoenix, 24 June
Huffington Post, 24 June
CTV, 25 June
CBC Calgary, 24 June:
The EyeOpener
Maclean’s, 24 June:
Climate change and the Alberta flood
Calgary Herald, 24 June:
‘Utter destruction’ leaves campgrounds a mess ahead of long weekend
CBC Saskatchewan, 24 June:
Blue Sky speaks with scientist caught in the flood
Saskatoon Star Phoenix, 22 June:
Sask. residents stranded in Alta.
Saskatoon Star Phoenix, 22 June:
Disaster plan for nation wise
CBC, 22 June:
Why Alberta’s floods hit so hard and fast
CTV, 22 June:
Alberta underwater: The 4 factors that led to massive flooding
Calgary Herald, 21 June:
Update: Bow Valley residents living their worst nightmares
CTV News, 21 June:
Southern Alberta’s flooded communities face more rain through weekend
CBC, 21 June:
Alberta residents describe what they’re seeing
It’s also worth reading what has proven to be a remarkably prescient piece on environmental hazards in Canmore, from the Calgary Herald of 29 May:
Alberta urged to prepare for increasingly severe weather as insurance losses mount.
CH Member (and another Canmore resident) Bob Sandford, Director of the Western Watersheds Research Collaborative, and Chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative, United Nations Water for Life Decade, has also been busy:
CBC Radio, 24 July:
Alberta Noon
CBC Radio, 29 June:
Daybreak Alberta (Hour 3)
AM980 Vancouver, 27 June:
The Bill Good Show
AM640 Talk Radio, 26 June:
The Real Estate Talk Show
CBC Radio, 25 June:
BC Almanac
CTV2 Alberta, 25 June:
Alberta PrimeTime: Predicting Floods in Alberta
CTV, 22 June:
News video