CH Contributes Views on Possible Summer Drought Risks

CH’s Professor John Pomeroy has been interviewed by several Saskatoon media channels on the topic of likely water resources scenarios in the prairies this summer, following a warm, dry winter throughout much of the region.

The signs at this stage (mid April) are that western areas may be at particular risk of encountering drought-like conditions, with resultant impacts on agriculture and wildfire risks.

Prof. Pomeroy commented that “Large evacuations due to forest fire are occurring almost every year in western Canada now, when they used to be much rarer occurrences”.

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  • ‘Desert-dry’ Saskatchewan primed for wildfires
    Saskatoon StarPhoenix, 20th April 2016
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  • Red Cross gears up for 2016 Sask. forest fire season
    Global News Saskatoon, 20th April 2016
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