How can a Canada Water Agency Deliver Water Security for Canadians? A National Water Policy Panel Discussion

Held on May 13, 2020

In April 2019, GWF and partners issued a public call to action, Water Security for Canadians: Solutions for Canada’s Emerging Water Crisis. It called for modernization of Canada’s water institutions, governance, policies and legislation to better address the emerging national water crisis.

In late 2019, the Government of Canada announced the development of a Canada Water Agency and review of federal water policies and laws by the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment.

Responding to this opportunity, we are continuing the discussion with water practitioners, agencies, organizations and rightsholders across the country. We invite you to join us for a virtual panel discussion on water related issues and needs that a Canada Water Agency can address and provide, and how a Canada Water Agency can compliment existing regional water management issues and mandates.

Featuring Terry Duguid, MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada and Chaired by Dr. Thomas Axworthy of Massey College, you will hear from experts in water science and governance and guests from provincial and municipal perspectives, examining Canadian water issues and the science, policy and the collaborative responses needed to tackle the emerging water-climate crisis.

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