Welcome Astronomy 104 students!

This website has the same look and feel as the main class website, but it has been set up for you to work with and eventually to submit your final webpage. Every group has been given editing privileges on the entire site because it is not currently possible with this WordPress set-up to password-protect each page individually. Within your group space on Blackboard, you have been given a username and password along with login instructions. Once logged in, access your page through the Term Projects menu and click "Edit Page" in the top menu to start adding content to your page. When your term projects are complete, I will move your pages over to the main site for final publication.

I have a few guidelines for you to set you on your way.

  1. Don't edit another group's page.
  2. Don't mess around with the menus and page structure. I want this site to look and feel like the other one so that your pages will look as you intend them to when I copy them over.
  3. Each group should choose one or two people who will be primarily responsible for their page, who will do most of the edits. Otherwise, it may get confusing.
  4. Every time you work on your page, back it up. You can do this in your Dashboard, by selecting Tools > Export, selecting 'Pages', ensuring that your group name is chosen from the 'Authors' drop-down, and clicking the 'Download Export File' button. Save the XML file on your computer. If anything unwanted happens to your page, you can use this file to restore it.
  5. I have copied over past projects to this site for your reference. Please feel free to open the editor on any of those pages and see what everything looks like in editing mode. You can play around with things there as much as you want, I don't care that they remain the same. Think of the Past Projects area as your sandbox.
  6. Have fun with the site! WordPress now powers 25% of the Web, so you have the opportunity with this project to develop a very useful skill.