Join us over at ________ where we will host an Educational Technology SLAM! We will be showcasing technology tips, tricks, and tools that are conducive to learning. All are welcome to attend and enjoy these free presentations.

What is a SLAM!?

Each presenter provides a three-minute overview that outlines the benefits, accessibility, use cases, challenges and solutions, and major usage tips for a technology or tool of their choice. This isn’t your typical slidedeck presentation. Presenters will actively show their tips and experience using the very tools they’re discussing. If you would like to hear about our upcoming events, please email

SLAM! Presentation Themes

Each time the event is hosted, we invite participants to submit a SLAM! idea for one of the Seven C’s for Classifying Learning and Teaching Apps (@danielharding and @Matthew_Street, 2018, CC BY-SA). For our first event, we simply invite our presenters to pick a tool and use case that enable you and/or your students to:

  • Captivate (Create interactive learning opportunities that engage)
  • Capture (Record and event, activity or artefact)
  • Check (Gauge students’ understanding)
  • Collaborate (Acts as a platform for collaboration and co-creation)
  • Connect (Communicate with students in real time or asynchronously)
  • Create (Build learning resources, from scratch or remixing existing materials)


  • Curate (Collect, organize, and share content)

Participate in Our First SLAM!

Our first SLAM! will take place on December 12, 2018 at 11:00 where presenters rapidly showed off tools, tips, and tricks ranging from web tools to classroom apps. If you are interested in presenting an edtech tool use case please complete the survey to present your ideas.


  • Welcome (5 min)
  • 7-10 presentations (3 minute slams)
  • Conclusion (5 min)