12 Days of Archives 2018

The new year means the newest edition of the 12 Days of Archives, where we share via social media some of the neat things we have in our archives in a lead up to the holidays. This years’ tune goes a little something like this…

12 Playing Cards

MG 586, “White Pass and Yukon Route” playing cards. These cards come from the Raymond Yochim fonds, a collection which contains many interesting collectables.

11 Tiny Pins

These pins come from the Sylvia Fedoruk fonds, MG 435. There are pins for the College of Arts and Science, Penta Kai Deka, the Sheaf, as well as many others!

10 Silhouettes

MG 410, Courtney Milne fonds, 165-506. One of many of the beautiful images from the Milne Photograph collection. You can find more images here:

9 Alpha Flights

These are the first 9 issues of a comic book series featuring a team of Canadian superheroes, set in the same universe as X-Men. From our Shortt Collection of Canadiana.

8 Sporty Postcards

These come from the “Views of Canadian Sports” postcard collection. For more postcards check out our “Wish You Were Here” digital project

7 Inuit Wall Hangings

These come from the R.G. Williamson fonds, which contains a lot of material collected during Williamson’s work for and with the Inuit of Northern Canada.

6 Women Wrestlers

The Neil Richards collection, MG 355, is more well known for its LGBT material but it also has an extensive collection of material on professional (& amateur) wrestling!

5 Fishing Flies

These come from one of our newer acquisitions, the Logan-Wickendon Collection. They were created by artist Horace Wickendon and sent to his friends Ivan and Marjorie Logan.

4 USask Ceramics

In 1921-1958 College of Engineering had a Ceramics Department. We have many examples of the pieces they made in our Duff Spafford fonds

3 Student Floats

These images come from the University Photograph Collection, which contains thousands of images of University of Saskatchewan throughout it’s history. These are from the late 1950’s/early 1960’s when the University of Saskatchewan’s homecoming included a parade! (A-2549, A-4357, A-4298)

2 Baby Booties

What the finding aid says is that these were knit in 1987 with the wool from the family’s own flock of sheep. What do I say? ADORABLE. (MG 271 – Cooper, Hunter, and Anderson fonds)

1 Brass Blood Leaching Tool

This beautiful but slightly terrifying artifact comes from the College of Nursing fonds, RG 2096.


Twelve Days of Archives

Here we are again with another rendition of everyone’s favourite holiday tradition! That’s right, its the 12 Days of Archives! Sing it loud everyone…

One the first day of Christmas my Archives gave to me…

Twelve Christmas Print Blocks

12 Xmas Print Blocks

Eleven Night Club Matchbooks

11nightclubmatchbooksTen Figure Skaters

a-1011Nine USask Pennants

9usaskpennantsEight Aerial Photos

8aerialphotosSeven Christmas Novels

7christmasnovelsSix Sappho Postcards

6sapphopostcardsFive Shiny Plaques

5shinyplaquesFour Halibut

4halibutThree Hot Drinks

3drinksTwo Beer in Love


and a partridge in a library!1partridgePartridge painting, Copyright Kate Hodgson, 1998

12 Days of Archives

Happy New Year everyone! It is time again for our favourite Christmas tradition, the 12 Days of Archives! Let’s take a look back at what we found this year. Everyone sing along!

On the first day of Christmas my archives gave to me…A Fish that’s been taxidermied!1stDayOn the second day of Christmas my archives gave to me…Two Huskies Jerseys.

2nddayOn the third day of Christmas my Archives gave to me…Three Shiny Medals!

3rdDayOn the fourth day of Christmas my archives gave to me…Four 16th Century Bibles.

4thday On the fifth day of Christmas my archives gave to me…Fiiiiive Vintage Chatelaines!

5thday  On the sixth day of Christmas my archives gave to me…Six Saskatoon Authors. 6thday

On the seventh day of Christmas my archives gave to me…seven Hockey Players.


On the eighth day of Christmas my archives gave to me…eight Punny Valentines.


On the ninth day of Christmas my archives gave to me…nine Christmas revelers!

9thdayOn the tenth day of Christmas my archives gave to me…ten Japanese Postcards.

10thdayOn the eleventh day of Christmas my archives gave to me…eleven Union Buttons.

11thdayOn the twelfth day of Christmas my archives gave to me…twelve Charming Signatures*!

12thday*Ned Pratt (Poet), Aldous Huxley (author), Grey Owl (author), Joseph Conrad (author), Richard St. Barbe Barker (environmentalist/author), W.H. Davis (poet), W.C. Murray (first president of the U of S), T.C. Douglas (politician), Edmund “Daddy” Oliver (professor), Louis Riel (politician/Metis leader), John Diefenbaker (Prime Minister), John Butler Yeats (artist)