A mind map is a visual way to organize your thoughts or ideas.  Rather than writing down your ideas in paragraph form, a mind map allows the author to branch out, explore ideas and share information in a non-linear way. Here is a video showing the creation of a mind map on paper.

You might want to create your mind map on paper or choose from a variety of online tools in order to create a digital version.

Best Practices

How to Mind Map: Beginner’s Guide

Top Ten Mind Mapping Productivity Tips for Content Marketing Success

How to Teach Someone to Mindmap

Learning Resources

All University of Saskatchewan students and staff have access to the Lynda website which offers a wealth of tutorial videos on a variety of technology topics. You can access the site at lynda.usask.ca and use your nsid and password. Search the site for the following

  • Mind Mapping for Students (using the MindMeister online tool)
  • Up and Running with Prezi

YouTube also has numerous video tutorials available about mind mapping. Here are a few online resources that may offer ideas for producing a mind map.

Suggested Tools

There are many tools available online that can be used for designing your mind map. These tools are only suggestions. You may find one not listed here that will meet your needs.

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