Thursday, October 12th, 2017...4:11 pm

Fact: Humans have been using technology for a lot longer than you have been alive.

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Yin Liu

Fallacy: Technology is the latest electronic gadgetry.

One of my favourite forms of technology. Image: (cc) Andrew Taylor.

I’m going to save myself some extra work here and simply direct you to a blog post on my research project website: . Here’s an excerpt:

So this is a plea to hold on to that broader definition of technology and that broader view of technology. The screen on which you are reading these words is the product of modern technology, but the forms of the letters themselves are a product of medieval technological design (most modern roman fonts are based on a medieval script, Caroline minuscule), and writing itself is surely one of the most powerful technologies that humans have ever invented. To understand whatever form of electronic gadgetry happens to be trending next, we need to understand technology.

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