An evening of programming – micro:bit night – November 2018

James Perkins

On Wednesday, November 23rd, James Perkins from Kids Code Jeunesse introduced us to micro:bits!

During the session, we learned that:

  • Information about micro:bits can be found here:
  • Kids Code Jeunesse chose micro:bits because they are robust and less expensive than other products such as Raspberry Pi.
  • Downloading the code to the micro:bits can be challenging for younger kids.
  • It is helpful to get the kids thinking about working on a grid (X/Y) such as:
3rd Cartesian plain


The programming interface is very user-friendly. Using a mouse, a programmer can shake and tilt the animated micro:bit (on the left). This allows testing of the programming blocks while building (on the right).

To get started, all that’s needed is to go to:

Some random videos:

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