Our own Caine’s Arcade Night! December 2018

Following the idea from the ever-inspirational Caine’s Arcade (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul9c-4dX4Hk), Russell Munkler offered to lead a makerspace workshop combining design thinking and cardboard.

Having broken into teams, participants partnered with another team. They went through the empathy questions (Cardboard Workshop Empathy Worksheet) with their partner group (another team) and sketched four quick ideas. After receiving feedback on those ideas from their partner group, each team selected one design. For the remaining 45 minutes, the teams worked on building a prototype of the game, and received five more minutes of feedback. The workshop finished up with about 20 minutes of building and ended with the all the teams demonstrating their creations and why they thought people would like their creations.



Comments from participants:

Russell’s Caine’s Arcade workshop was great! My children really enjoyed the evening and did not want to stop building.

You might be interested to know the prototyping has continued on the two games we produced at the makerspace. The boys both got home from school yesterday and through playing the games they created realized that some of the details were not ironed out so they put a few more hours into writing down rules and guidelines to make them work more efficiently and fairly. Haha. I think we’ll be contacting Parker Brothers in the new year with a pitch.