Simple Circuitry – March 24th

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Our Simple Circuitry session took place on March 24, 2016.



Lightbulb, wire, and batteryHossain led the meeting by asking us to light a small light bulb with nothing more than a wire and a 9-volt battery. He also showed us a video: MIT graduates cannot power a light bulb with a battery [Video] as food for thought.



Paper, pencil, alligator clips, and lightbulb from snap circuitJordan brought some pencils to test the conductivity of graphite. Originally, we were going to make paper flashlights using this technique, but the required voltage of the light bulb was ill-matched to the battery on hand. So, we tested the conductivity using the Snap Circuit components. Success!


Snap Circuit BoardWe then tried out some projects in the Snap Circuits kits ( that Hossain brought to the meeting.The group working on Snap Circuits







In the second half of the evening, we moved onto the Makey Makey where we first played the banana piano and tried a host of applications listed on the Makey Makey site (

Hooking up the Makey Makey

The group was then challenged to create something different and innovative with the makey makey kits. One group created a game controller; another group created a body drum; and yet another group created a voodoo doll. Here are some of the creations

Game Controller


Voodoo Doll

Body Drum



For more information about these tools:

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