Photoshop Intro

The Interface

The Photoshop interface can be more than a little intimidating when you first arrive in the program, but knowing just a few basic tools and operations can get you started quickly in this Goliath application.



The Basics

To be demoed in class.

  • Creating a new file in Photoshop
  • Opening a file in Photoshop
  • Drawing and erasing
  • Text tool
  • Selecting options

Lab Exercise

Visit the Blackboard course site for ETAD 402 and download the LayersExercise.pdf instructions from Exercise Files > Photoshop Layers Exercise on the Homepage.

In this exercise you'll learn to

  • Crop and transform images
  • Work with transparencies and blending modes
  • Adjust colour temperatures
  • Create and work with layers

Online Photoshop Course

Here is a link to an in-depth Photoshop CC Course through - Photoshop CC Essential Training (2015)

Check out for an unlimited supply of multimedia tutorials and training courses. Everything from Photoshop to MS Word to Garageband to Dreamweaver and much more.