Sound Post-Production

It’s In The Can!

Editing & Mixing Your Masterpiece

Now that you’ve got your recordings in the can it’s time to put the polish to them and make them shine. Adding a jingle to the front and back of a podcast, mixing levels to get that perfect blend of ambient, effects and dialogue, or just cleaning up some hum from the florescent lights can drastically improve any recording. let’s take a look first at some mixing techniques in Audacity.

Editing in Audacity

  • Zooming tools (you’ll find yourself going in and out of your audio files often in a project
  • Selection Tool
    Screenshot  of multitrack audacity project
    Screenshot from course author Jordan Epp
  • Other Tools
  • Cut, Copy, Paste
  • Trim and Silence Audio

Adding Another Track

Recording a Multiple Tracks

  • Deciding where to begin your second track
  • Time shift tool
  • Re-sizing Tracks

Importing Other Tracks

  • File > Import > Audio and then locate the file on your Hard Drive
  • Adjust position using Time Shift tool

Mixing and Fading Tracks

  • Individual track gain control
  • View > Mixer Board
  • Envelope Tool for fades

Here’s another Demo of the same editing techniques discussed above from Dr. Jay Wilson