Photoshop Intro

The Interface

The Photoshop interface can be more than a little intimidating when you first arrive in the program, but knowing just a few basic tools and operations can get you started quickly in this Goliath application.



The Basics

To be demoed in class.

  • Creating a new file in Photoshop
  • Opening a file in Photoshop
  • Drawing and erasing
  • Text tool
  • Selecting options

Lab Exercise

Visit the Blackboard course site for ETAD 402 and download the LayersExercise.pdf instructions from Exercise Files > Photoshop Layers Exercise on the Homepage.

In this exercise you’ll learn to

  • Crop and transform images
  • Work with transparencies and blending modes
  • Adjust colour temperatures
  • Create and work with layers

Online Photoshop Course

Here is a link to an in-depth Photoshop CC Course through lynda.usask.caPhotoshop CC Essential Training (2015)

Check out for an unlimited supply of multimedia tutorials and training courses. Everything from Photoshop to MS Word to Garageband to Dreamweaver and much more.