Note: Additional instructions, resources, and links are available on the class website on Blackboard.


In this assignment you will help to assemble a collection of videos and complementary resources for historical geology students by preparing materials for a video. See the list of recommended videos on Blackboard before making your choice.

Your work will form the basis of a collection of resources to be made available to current and future students in Geology 109. If you wish, you will be acknowledged as the curator of the resources when they are posted, although your instructor reserves the right to make any modifications necessary to optimize the effectiveness of the collection.

Why Do This Project?

Sometimes the textbook is unclear or written in too technical a fashion for students new to a topic. Videos designed by someone with a different perspective on a topic can be very helpful for reinforcing concepts, or clarifying points of confusion.

But not all videos are created equal. Some have errors, or even seek to mislead viewers. Some could benefit from clarifications. The task of looking for and vetting videos requires an understanding of the objectives a video should satisfy, and an assessment of how well the video accomplishes those goals. It also requires that viewers understand why they are watching the video and what they should get out of it. When an instructor looks for videos, they have an idea of what students find difficult, but it is really students themselves who can most accurately identify where they need help, and what helps the most.