Alternatives to Tillage

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Mowing as a Weed Management Technique – Kali Kasper Tillage is a common practice in organic agriculture systems, leaving soil vulnerable and subject to erosion.  Mowing and roller crimping are techniques that can minimize tillage requirements while maintaining soil coverage.  Mowing and roller crimping can effectively terminate a cover crop (such as field pea green […]

Hand Weeding

Hand Weeding Works for Me – Joshua Moats Hand weeding is probably the oldest form of weed control. It is rarely considered in most Western Canadian farming systems. The biggest problem with hand weeding weeding is that the labour required is expensive and slow. It can also be physically damaging. My family’s farm does not employ […]


Grazing – Cameron de Wolf This technique enables a producer to avoid the negative effects of utilizing tillage (or other methods) as a primary weed management tool. It also creates a situation where production animals can be used to manage weeds. Using grazing as a broad-spectrum biocontrol option can control several weed species in a […]