Tillage in Crop

Image used under CC BY http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tractors_in_Potato_Field.jpg

Source: NightThree

Rotary Hoe

Rotary Hoe – Justin Blechinger The rotary hoe can be used either before the crop has emerged or after. It is effective in killing small weeds by burying and/or uprooting them (Singh, 2012). The rotary hoe only works well when weeds are small and the crop must be big enough to resist the physical abuse […]

Row Crop Cultivation

Row Crop Cultivation – Michael Miller Row crop cultivation can be a very good weed control technique. It works well to control weeds that are growing between rows of crops; one of the main things that make row cultivation good is that it can be used when the weeds are rather large (up to 15cm […]

Post Emergant Harrow

Post-Emergence Harrowing – Cameron de Wolf Post-emergence harrowing is utilizing a form of tertiary tillage (tillage conducted after seeding, but before harvest). Harrowing provides a shallow, thorough stirring of the soil that kills sprouting and emerging weeds. It also knocks soil from weed roots. This method provides the crop with an advantage over the weeds […]


Scuffling – Kelsey Richardson The weed management technique that my family has used before is scuffling corn. We have not used this method on our farm in Saskatchewan, but my dad used it growing up in Ontario and my family who is still farming in Ontario continues to use it. My dad’s family used scuffling […]