Tillage Before Crop Is Up

Image used under Public Domain License http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fendt_Tractor_Ripping_up_Kulin.jpg

Source: Ian Bailey


Rod Weeding

Rod Weeding Tertiary Tillage – Miles Crooks An important aspect of our weed control on our farm is tertiary tillage with a rod weeder. We use a rod weeder because of its effectiveness on weeds in all different life stages. Rod weeding is great way to upset sprouting weed seeds and also effectively uproots older […]

Pre-Emergence Harrowing

Pre-Emergence Harrowing – Michael Miller Pre-emergence harrowing works well to control early germinating weeds that have emerged before the crop has emerged. Pre-emergence harrowing is sampling running a set of tine harrows through the field before the crop has emerged through the soil to remove some of the early germinated and emerged weed seeds. This […]

Post-Seed Tillage

¬†Post-Seeding Tillage –¬†Garrett Foley By using the method of Post-seeding tillage the operator is able to control shallow seeded small seeded weeds. This is accomplished by the implement tilling above the depth of the desired crop and redistributing the soil above the crop layer to get rid of small weeds that have developed before emergence. […]